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Transition Tips

We recognize that every senior is unique, with their own individual needs, choices and aspirations for the future. Our support is therefore designed to offer a personalized solution to those wishing to maintain, and/or improve their independence, or shift into an assisted living arrangement accompanied by tailored services that meet specific requirements.


Providing assistance and/or moving yourself or your loved ones to an assisted living home is a big decision. However, many families put off making a move until their loved one experiences a health crisis. There are some telltale signs to help you know when it is time to consider the move. We strongly suggest you make a list of the pros and cons and timing you feel is critical of igniting significant shifts and care taking assistance for you or your loved one(s).


When seniors isolate themselves, they decrease their ability to participate in hobbies and social interactions with family and friends. Isolation can also result in more serious psycho-social conditions such as: Depression - The lack of community causes seniors to become depressed, which is correlated with diseases, such as dementia and heart disease. We suggest you conduct a family meeting to activate a plan to shift yourself or you loved ones into lifestyle changes to decrease discomforts related to this critical phase of their life.


We recognize that everyone is unique, with their own individual needs and aspirations for the future. We encourage you and your loved ones to tour facility possibilities and initially break down the list to your top 3 choices. We can then enter the scene with our support designed to offer a personalized solution to those wishing to maintain and/or improve their independence, and receive a tailored service that meets their specific requirements.


For the past twenty years, we've been dedicated to providing the best non-medical home services for you and your loved ones. Our mission is simple: To help seniors continue to lead full, healthy, and active lifestyles, by providing them with the highest quality help in the comfort of their own home or within an assisted living environment, without abandoning the familiarity of their surroundings or the camaraderie of their neighbors, friends and family.

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